(it-en) Trento, Italia: Corteo antifascista contro la commemorazione dei “martiri delle foibe” (09/02/2020)

https://roundrobin.info/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/FOIBE20web.jpgTrento, Italia: Corteo antifascista contro la commemorazione dei “martiri delle foibe” (09/02/2020)

Domenica 9 febbraio.
Ore 19.00, piazza Fiera, Trento.
Scendiamo in piazza.

Contro la falsificazione storica sulle foibe.
Contro i neofascisti.
Contro la legittimazione del colonialismo di ieri che serve a giustificare il colonialismo di oggi.
Contro gli accordi Italia – Libia e contro l’intervento militare.

Anarchiche e anarchici


Trento, Italy: Antifascist demonstration against the commemoration of the “martyrs of the foibe” (09/02/2020)

Sunday, February 9th.
7.00 pm, Piazza Fiera, Trento.
Let’s go down to the square.

Against the historical falsification of the foibe.
Against the neo-fascists.
Against the legitimization of yesterday’s colonialism that serves to justify today’s colonialism.
Against the Italy – Libya agreements and against military intervention.


Note: The term “martyrs of the foibe”, used by the fascists, refers to so-called mass slaughters carried out by mainly Yugoslav partisans during and in the years following the Second World War in the area around the city of Trieste (today in Italy) and the peninsula of Istria (today in Croatia and Slovenia). Fascists and supporters of the regime were executed. The name was derived from a local geological feature, a type of deep karst sinkhole called foiba. The “public debate” on the issue of the “foibe” in Italy has also emerged predominantly from what some historians and scholars have defined these events as part of the “ethnic cleansing” in Istria and Dalmatia.